【本日の美術品 DRCS002】

~ クリスタルスカルの音源発祥地Daeg Recordsのノンホールピアス ~

▶︎ THE DAEG  ~ A change for the better ~

“The rune Daeg, which means “day,” symbolizes the fulfillment and achievement. Its shape (like a butterfly tie) represents the beautiful balance between negative and positive polarities; the harmony of both extremes. The Daeg is said to have a power to block the negative energies and bring the positive energies to your life. The Daeg will enable you to see the reality in a new light and have a change for the better.”




【本日の美術品 DRCS003】

~ クリスタルスカルの音源本拠地に神出鬼没する画家による絵画 ~

▶︎ Visible Invisibility ~ The Magic of Transparency ~

This piece is one of the artworks created by a mysterious artist.  Although his or her signature can be seen on the bottom-right corner, no one has never identified who he or she is; he or she is like an invisible being.  When least expected, the artist appears and leave some artworks in front of the door at Crystal Skull’s Studio.  Many of this artist’s works have some layers of “visible invisibility”.  What does this artwork talk to you?




【本日の美術品 DRCS004】


▶︎ Pre-retrospective ~ scribed by an unknown lithographer ~

This piece probably “may have been scribed” in 2060. The hand with the index finger pointing up and the toe pointing up seem to symbolize the hope to communicate with souls in the universe. The right hand of the woman looks like somewhat one of the alien’s.



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