~ English Translation from THE BOOK OF DAEG


“In super-ancient times, the planet Daeg, which has a much more advanced civilization than Earth, was on the crisis of destruction.

The Daegian made some clear quartz crystal skulls, and into them inputted various data: whole their knowledge and wisdom.

Some Daegian groups left their home planet and landed down to the Earth with crystal skulls.

Each crystal skull brought a cradle of culture to each part of the globe: to South America, Africa and other continents, some of which are now under the ocean.

Although each civilization flourished, after long periods of time, vanished away for some reason. (It is said that some groups of highly civilized beings still exist in the underground realms.) Then, the crystal skulls also disappeared from the center stage of history.

Behind a veil of secrecy, however, one of them – which has data mainly related to culture and the arts – was passed through hands of many historians to find its way to the One; and was eventually handed over to a Japanese creator unit in the 21st century on the Earth calendar.  

Then, the artists began to produce a variety of artifacts based on the wisdom gifted by the crystal skull.

This historical and enigmatic document will be re-discovered in the 22nd century.”

Anonymous Spectator.



~ 『ダエグの書』より 日本語訳  ~



ダエグ星人はいくつか透明な水晶の頭蓋骨を作り、それらの中にあらゆるデータ – 彼らの知識と叡智の全て- をインプットした。




しかし秘密裏に、そのうちの一つ – 主に文化と芸術に関わるデータを有している – は、数々の歴史家たちの手を渡り歩き「選ばれし者」に辿り着いた。やがて地球暦21世紀に日本のクリエイターユニットにもたらされたのだ。







The Book of Daeg
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